Speller Metcalfe talks to Stuart Breeze, SB Carpentry owner and employer of WCAA apprentice Jake Moore

Have you taken an apprentice on before?

No, this is my first. If I was to find another apprentice as hard working as Jake, I would definitely take them on too.

What are the benefits of taking on an apprentice?

Before Jake, I was a one man band and therefore was restricted to what work I could take on. The majority of my work was first fixings but now I am able to do a variety of carpentry jobs including the construction of roofs as I have a second pair of hands.

Would you recommend the WCAA to other businesses?

Yes. Financially, the WCAA has made it affordable to take on an apprentice. I received £500 upon completion of Jake's first three months with SB Carpentry and I will receive another £500 after 12 months, which will go towards Jake's wages.

You have to invest a lot of time into your apprentice so it is important that you get someone who is willing to put the work in. The benefit of going through the WCAA is that they vet the students beforehand so you can feel confident that you are getting someone who is fully committed.