We speak to Phil Smalley, owner of Malvern Stone & Building Services who employed Toby Loveridge as an apprentice bricklayer.


Have you taken an apprentice on before?

Toby is my first. He originally started working for me as a labourer but I could see a lot of potential in him so I encouraged him to take a course in bricklaying.


What are the benefits of taking on an apprentice? 

I can take on larger jobs now that I have an extra person on site. 

I am also hoping that by teaching Toby something new he will remain motivated. and see the benefits of applying himself. He is a good worker and I wouldn’t want to lose him. 


Would you recommend the WCAA to other businesses?

Yes. The WCAA has helped me expand my business. I would have struggled to pay Toby, as well as provide him with the tools that he needs to work on site.

The WCAA funding has not only contributed towards Toby’s wages but the £500 toolkit voucher has helped him build up his own set of tools. 


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